Each Season's of the Goddess gathering is designed to work with the natural rhythms of the Earth, to harness the energy of the season and initiate change in our lives.  Although each workshop has been created as a stand alone workshop and ritual, each new theme will build upon the last and serve as a foundation for the next.  The entire series will move you through a full cycle of the eight ancient holy days on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. 

Sacred Space will be created for each gathering as you learn the mythology and symbolism of the current season.  There will also be a guided meditation that explores the theme of the workshop. Finally, you will be given a series of exercises that will help you to take what you have learned and create daily rituals that will carry these lessons beyond the workshop and into your everyday life.

Sunday, March 20th
Doors Open at 6:45
Ritual Begins Promptly at 7PM
The Soul Purpose - 1211 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy # 14, Swansea, MA

Ostara/Spring Equinox Theme
Opening to the Joy and Wonder of Things to Come!

Ostara is bursting with energy! It is the time of year where everything is turning green with new life, the birds sing their sweet songs and there is an undercurrent of excitement for the coming of Spring.

Ostara is a time of rebirth and renewal, just look around you and you will see it everywhere. Where there was death and decay just a few weeks ago, now there is new growth and green shoots peeking out.

When working with the energy of this season, it is the perfect time to take your first actionable steps to make your dreams a reality.

Ostara is also a time of balance. The day and night are of equal length and we are poised on entering the light half of the year. The lesson here is although you are beginning to take action, don't forget about balance. When you lose yourself to over-action, your dreams are in danger of going awry.

During the ritual/celebration, we will create a Sacred Circle together where we explore the traditions and history of Ostara, as well as the different maiden Goddesses and myths associated with this sacred day.

As part of the ritual I will lead you through a powerful guided meditation, where you will journey to meet the Goddess in her Maiden form to receive any messages that you need to help you step more fully into the Joy, Wonder and Hope of the coming Spring season.

Due to the intimate nature of the gathering, attendance is limited to 20 attendees, please register below to secure your spot!  

I look forward to celebrating this powerful Sabbat with you!

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