When my nieces were small, they were fascinated by all my magickal things, but my gemstone collection was one of their favorites. We spent a lot of time working with the stones, so they could learn their energy and their gifts. Many Yule's ago, I wrote a children's gemstone book for them, to help them really learn the magick of the stones. I first wrote about Rose Quartz because it was one of their favorites and mine too.

The Story of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most beautiful gifts from the mineral kingdom. It is a very soft pink, sometimes almost white stone. Sometimes it is tumbled and polished so that it looks and feels smooth, and sometimes, it is rough like it was just picked out of the ground. It can be carved into shapes or it can have the shape of any old stone.

No matter what it looks like or how rough or smooth it is, when you hold it, there is a special energy that you can feel when you close your eyes and imagine yourself connected to it. The energy of Rose Quartz is one of love and unity. Sometimes, if you listen close enough, you can hear the heartbeat of the earth thumping from within it.

Mother Earth gave us the gift of Rose Quartz so that we could always feel love. She knew that sometimes being human could be scary, sad and yes, even lonely, so in all her wisdom and wonder, she created Rose Quartz to help us shake those feelings, and remember that we are always loved and we are never alone.

She infused the quartz with the magick of friendship. She sang to the stone and she held it close to her heart, she hugged it and cared for it and she gave it the gift of her love. Each day, Mother Earth found joy in spending time with Rose as she affectionately called the stone. She loved to tell Rose how much she cherished her, how much she appreciated her, how beautiful she was. Rose absorbed all of these feelings and grew to be the precious gift that Mother had always dreamed of.

One day when Rose was old enough and completely filled with love and tenderness, Mother asked if she would be willing to be spread across the land where she could be found by humans to share her love with them. Mother explained that love was the most precious gift that we could give to one another.

Rose knew that this was a great honor and she hugged Mother and said, “Of course I will do it!” With a great smile and a final hug, Mother closed her eyes and scattered Rose across the land. Since Mother was still connected to Rose, her heart swelled with love each time someone found a piece of Rose. This love is passed on to anyone who is lucky enough to hold a piece of Rose Quartz and be open to its gifts.

So if you ever feel lonely or sad, if you pick up a piece of Rose Quartz and hold it to your heart, you will feel the tender love of Mother Earth and you will know that you are loved beyond measure.

Grab Yourself Some Rose Quartz and Feel the Love!
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About the Author Kim Turcotte

Kim Turcotte, spiritual life coach and magick maker, loves sharing her more than twenty years of experience connecting and working with the rhythms of the Earth, the cycles of the Moon, and the magick of nature. Through sacred ritual, Kim creates a safe space for her clients to step through fears, trust their inner knowing, and let go of things that no longer fit, helping them forge a deeper connection with themselves and reclaim the sovereignty and self-love that is their birthright.

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