Readings/Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive readings are a great tool to help you to receive direct messages from the Divine.  It's a safe and effective way to tap into the wisdom of the Universe and gain insight on a specific situation or challenge.  Readings can also help you understand the upcoming energies during a particular time frame or situation. 

My mentor always said, "to be forewarned is to be forearmed".  Meaning that if you have an understanding of the energies surrounding a particular situation or time frame, it can help you to make empowered decisions and take inspired action as you move forward on your path.


This powerful reading is an in-depth reading providing you energetic insight for the next 12 months.  Kim will pull several cards for each month, focusing on the overall energies for that month, the potential challenging energy for the month and potential opportunities for the month. This reading can be done any time throughout the year, and many clients find it helpful to schedule on or around their birthday or after a significant life-change, such as a new job, birth of a child, marriage or separation.

This is an in-depth reading which will look at the energy for each month.  Some possible questions we might look at.  Please note, all my readings are highly intuitive, so the questions may change, but you will always receive exactly what Spirit wants you to know.
  • What is the main theme/energy for the month?
  • What is my greatest opportunity this month?
  • What is the potential obstacle or setback I could run into this month?
  • What else do I need to know about this month?

PLEASE NOTE: All readings are done online via Zoom Video Meeting.  Readings will be recorded (unless you choose not to) and you will receive a copy of the reading within 48 hours of your scheduled reading with Kim.