In this month’s New Moon update I am sharing my insights on the New Moon in Sagittarius happening on Wednesday, November 23rd at 5:57pm.

Finally, some relief!  The energy of this New Moon is radically different than the energy last month.  This moon is all about possibilities and manifesting your heart’s desires.  But there is a catch.  The energy of Sagittarius is calling us to look at what we think is possible for our own lives.  Sagittarius is committed to truth, however, the thing that we need to look at is where did our ‘truth’ come from.  Did it come from direct experience or was it handed down through our family, religion, or society?  The work lies in the question; what are the truths you are committed to and how did they arrive on your doorstep? 

The energy is aligned for manifesting in a big way this New Moon, however, you must be willing to look at where the truths you’ve been handed down from others are getting in your way.  If you do and you can realign with what is true for YOU, then you are able to make great strides forward and bring about some pretty magickal shifts in your life! 

Journal Prompts:

  • What dreams am I ready to manifest?
  • Am I limiting what I think is possible for me to have because of what I believe I deserve?
  • What ‘truths’ are diminishing my ability to believe in ALL the possibilities for my life?
  • Where did those ‘truths’ come from; direct experience or handed down from my family, religious institution or society as a whole?
  • Am I willing to do to work necessary to examine any handed down beliefs and realign them to what is true for ME?
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About the Author Kim Turcotte

Kim Turcotte, spiritual life coach and magick maker, loves sharing her more than twenty years of experience connecting and working with the rhythms of the Earth, the cycles of the Moon, and the magick of nature. Through sacred ritual, Kim creates a safe space for her clients to step through fears, trust their inner knowing, and let go of things that no longer fit, helping them forge a deeper connection with themselves and reclaim the sovereignty and self-love that is their birthright.

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