In today’s video, I talk about the energy of the New Moon in Libra which is happening on Sunday, September 25th at 5:55am.

General themes for this New Moon in Libra:
  • Finding harmony and balance by creating space in your life. Whether that is mental, emotional for physical space.
  • When you allow yourself to be in balance and in harmony with your world and when you allow space in that world – Magick happens!
  • The balance and harmony creates space for synchronicities and new opportunities to show up in your life.
  • This is a powerful time for abundance and birthing new projects that are not forced, but flow with absolute ease and grace.
  • It is a time for you to step into what feels ‘right’ and natural to you – what have you been longing to do, but have been putting off? Now is the time!
  • It is a time to step into your divine gifts and share them with the world!
General New Moon Journal Prompts/Contemplations: 
  • What do I want to bring into my life at this time?
  • What projects/goals/dreams am I willing to give energy to at this time?
  • What is my intuition telling me is my next right step to move forward on the path I am choosing?
New Moon in Libra Journal Prompts/Contemplations: 
  • What areas of my life feel out of balance?
  • What choices am I making that are causing me to feel out of balance? • Where do I need to create space in my life?
  • Where do I need better boundaries?
  • What is the best use of my resources in this moment (time, energy, money)?Enter your text here...

Not sure what each of the Moon Phases are or how to work with them?

I’ve created a FREE downloadable PDF for you.  

This simple to use guide is meant to be a quick reference for you to help you as you develop your own practice and walk the path of your personal growth and healing journey.

In the guide you will find:
  • A short explanation sharing what the energy of the 5 main phases of the moon are.
  • How you can use this energy to enhance your spiritual/personal growth journey.
  • Journal prompts for each phase to help you go deeper and integrate this knowledge easily into your current practice.

**All information, suggestions and advice shared in this video is intended as general guidance only. You are reminded at all times that you have the power of choice and are responsible for your own decisions. I am happy to offer any help and support I can, but this support is not intended as a substitute or replacement for any legal, medical, financial or other professional advice that you may need to guide you in specific areas of your life.

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About the Author Kim Turcotte

Kim Turcotte, spiritual life coach and magick maker, loves sharing her more than twenty years of experience connecting and working with the rhythms of the Earth, the cycles of the Moon, and the magick of nature. Through sacred ritual, Kim creates a safe space for her clients to step through fears, trust their inner knowing, and let go of things that no longer fit, helping them forge a deeper connection with themselves and reclaim the sovereignty and self-love that is their birthright.

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