In this forecast, I am sharing my insights on the New Moon in Capricorn happening on December 23rd at 5:16am ET.

When I sat in meditation to prepare for this energy forecast, the image of the spiral kept coming into my mind.  To me, the spiral represents our cyclical nature and this New Moon really does accentuate that energy.

The energy during this New Moon is harnessing the power of the work we have done over the last several lunar cycles, calling us to integrate that work into our lives and get clear on how we want to move into 2023.  The Capricorn energy provides the courage and steadfast commitment to step completely into our truth and our purpose. 

During the last several moon cycles, we have been called to examine what we believe and what our personal truths are, leaving behind any beliefs or truths that have been handed down to us by others.  We have been asked to acknowledge, revisit and heal old wounds or grievances that we have avoided—either out of our own fear or the fear of making the situation worse.  We have been encouraged to see all the amazing possibilities we have in our lives and open ourselves beyond our past or current experiences in order to invite in our healthiest, most joyful and abundant lives.

This New Moon carries with it the energy to pull all of this work together and set the stage for a powerful entrance into the new year.  We are not being called into action at this time, although we might energetically feel inclined to ‘get our house in order’ to prepare for what is coming. 

What we are being called to do is to linger in the stillness of the winter season.  To reflect, to acknowledge the work we have done and to boldly lay down the claim for the life we want for ourselves by clearly declaring exactly what that life looks like for us.  When doing so, be sure to align with your intuitive nature and trust what is coming in for you, then trust that you can have it.  And so it is!

Journal Prompts:

  • When you allow yourself to truly be still, without any outside stimuli, how do you feel? 
  • When you surrender to that stillness, even if it is uncomfortable, what comes up for you?
  • Where is your intuition leading you in terms of what you want to work on, bring forward, claim, and manifest in 2023?
  • Where do you need to ‘clean house’ in order to make room for this to happen?

Not sure what each of the Moon Phases are or how to work with them?

I’ve created a FREE downloadable PDF for you.  

This simple to use guide is meant to be a quick reference for you to help you as you develop your own practice and walk the path of your personal growth and healing journey.

In the guide you will find:
  • A short explanation sharing what the energy of the 5 main phases of the moon are.
  • How you can use this energy to enhance your spiritual/personal growth journey.
  • Journal prompts for each phase to help you go deeper and integrate this knowledge easily into your current practice.

**All information, suggestions and advice shared in this video is intended as general guidance only. You are reminded at all times that you have the power of choice and are responsible for your own decisions. I am happy to offer any help and support I can, but this support is not intended as a substitute or replacement for any legal, medical, financial or other professional advice that you may need to guide you in specific areas of your life.

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About the Author Kim Turcotte

Kim Turcotte, spiritual life coach and magick maker, loves sharing her more than twenty years of experience connecting and working with the rhythms of the Earth, the cycles of the Moon, and the magick of nature. Through sacred ritual, Kim creates a safe space for her clients to step through fears, trust their inner knowing, and let go of things that no longer fit, helping them forge a deeper connection with themselves and reclaim the sovereignty and self-love that is their birthright.

  1. Thank you, Kim, for the love and joy you send out.

    Love your monthly talks.

    I have touched upon a lot of changes this year. The transformation is happening, presently focusing on my intentions for 2023. They are BIG!

    Learning to listen more.

    Letting the experience of the day bring to me that I may need.

    I feel the movement within me. The desire of change.

    And I have the desire to clean up, clean out and release what is not needed or useful in my life any longer.

    Thank you for the insight.

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