“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”
― Lucius Annaeus Seneca

In this forecast, I am sharing my insights on the Full Moon in Virgo happening on March 7th at 7:40am ET. 

The energy of this full moon is that of a pivot point in our personal and collective consciousness.  In fact, the entire month of March is like a massive tipping point for us as a world and as a society, but that tipping point begins only when enough of us individually make the choice and commitment to step into our magick. 

There are several significant astrological events happening in March that support us as we step forward at this choice point, the first of which is the movement of Saturn into Pisces, which happens about an hour or so after the Full Moon enters Virgo.  Saturn has remained in Aquarius for the last three or so years and is now moving into Pisces for the next 3 years. 

The energy of Saturn is that of the task master, so it pairs nicely with the energy of Virgo—but, because it is moving into Pisces, there is a softening of that energy into one of support for the choices that align with your best and highest good.  The stage is set for you to level-up your life in all areas—spiritual, emotional, physical or mental wellness.  You have the power of choice in every situation and especially at this pivotal time, but you need to do more than choose, you MUST commit to taking divinely aligned actions that support that choice.  It’s not enough to choose, you actually must step forward into your choice and into your magick!

The Opportunity:

Pisces is a very spiritually aligned and intuitive sign and since we are in Pisces season and Saturn is moving into Pisces we are being called to trust our intuition to help us make choices that move of forward on that journey of stepping into our magick!  It’s about honoring the calling of your soul and partnering with the Divine to achieve a desired outcome.  The key is not only to make the choice, but to commit to taking inspired action that is in alignment with that choice.

The Challenge:

As you begin to take those divinely inspired actions, let your experiences inform your next steps.  Learn from your experiences, tap into the wisdom you gain by having the courage to step forward into the unknown.  Don’t allow yourself to get trapped by the ‘perfectionist’ energy that can be the shadow side of this Virgo full moon.  Remember, there is no such thing as perfect—embody the fluid nature of Pisces season and go with the flow, even when it doesn’t turn out how you expected.  Be gentle with yourself, allow the wisdom of every experience to shine through and you will find your way to your desired outcome, even when the journey doesn’t at all look like you expected it to.  That is the beauty of living in Divine Flow and stepping into your magick and the magick of the Universe!

Journal Prompts:

  • Are you ready to choose a new path?  To expand your horizons? To step into your magick?
  • What are you willing to let go of or shift your perspective on in order to step forward in a new energy of trust and alignment with the Divine?
  • Are you not only willing to choose this new path, but also commit to taking consistent, divinely aligned actions to support that choice?
  • What role does perfectionism play in your life? 
  • Can you learn to let go of the notion that you need to get it all right and relax into the Divine Flow and wisdom or imperfect action?


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About the Author Kim Turcotte

Kim Turcotte, spiritual life coach and magick maker, loves sharing her more than twenty years of experience connecting and working with the rhythms of the Earth, the cycles of the Moon, and the magick of nature. Through sacred ritual, Kim creates a safe space for her clients to step through fears, trust their inner knowing, and let go of things that no longer fit, helping them forge a deeper connection with themselves and reclaim the sovereignty and self-love that is their birthright.

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