Supporting YOU during the website building process
is the most important part of what I do!


I am absolutely committed to giving you everything you need to be successful before, during and after your project. 

That’s why I have created a systematic way that I approach each project. I have developed and tweaked this process over time with plenty of feedback from my clients.   


How Do I Know The Process Works?

It’s a process I’ve been fine-tuning for over 5 years, with hundreds of clients.  In fact, don’t just take my word for it, check out some of my client testimonials and you’ll see a recurring theme about how the process was so smooth, easy and painless.  Creating your new site should be a joy, not a burden and that’s what this process does for you.  

My Simple, Stress-Free Website Creation Process

  1. You and I meet on a Pre-Project Consultation Call to determine what your website needs are and if we are a good fit for each other. (approx. 20-30 minutes)
  2. If we BOTH determine we are a good fit and we are ready to proceed with the project, I will send over a custom proposal based on your website needs. (within 48 hours of our call)
  3. Once your review the proposal and sign it, an invoice is generated for a 50% deposit for your project. (You sign when you are ready – usually 2-3 days)
  4. You make your deposit and I send out your project welcome kit and we schedule your Project Planning Call. (Your deposit is due upon receipt)
  5. On your Project Planning Call, we talk through the design, layout and functionality of your site as a whole and each individual page of your site.  We also establish a timeline for your project. (approx. 60-75 minutes)
  6. After our call, I send you a very detailed, action item list with dues dates that walks you through your entire project.  It lists everything you need to create and/or send to me in order for me to create your new site. (within 48 hours of our call)\
  7. You create your content and gather all the materials that are needed to create your new site. (usually 4-6 weeks)
  8. Once I receive ALL your project content and materials, I create your new site on a temp link. (3-5 days depending on scope of project)
  9. I send you the link to your site so you can review the site and note any final edits or questions you have. (usually 2-3 days)
  10. We come together on a “review” call to go over any of the final edits and questions you have. (usually 20 minutes) 
  11. Your final balance is due at this time.
  12. I make any final edits to your site and once your final payment is received, I make your new site live! (Usually within 24 hours from “Review” call)

This simple process normally takes
between 45 and 60 days from start to finish.    


I Am All About Supporting You Before, During and After Your Project, And Here Are Just Some of the Goodies I Provide to EVERY Client:

Basic Project Information:

This information provides you with some important information about WordPress and Online Business Strategy.

  • Special Report: Why WordPress Rocks!
  • Audio Series:  Soul Purpose Business Solutions Online Success Audio Series
  • Kim’s eBook: 10 Tools for Online Business Success 
Before You Begin Your Project:

Each of these Special Reports is designed to provide you with strategic information about creating your WordPress website. They contain Success Exercises and information that supports industry best practices. If you are new to online marketing or is you just want to be sure you are creating content that will support you business goals and your clients, you should take time to read these reports BEFORE starting to create your content.

  • Special Report: Engaging Visitors – Three Keys to an Effective Homepage
  • Special Report: Content Creation – Core Content Recommendations for a Successful Site


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KimPurpleHairBefore you hire me to for your WordPress Website project, I want you to be sure that I’m are the right fit for you and that you are the right fit for me.  I suggest taking some time to poke around my site to learn more about my WordPress Website process, the work I’ve done and how I work with my clients:



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